Monadnock Music

2023 Summer Festival Program

Monadnock Music in the Schools

Monadnock Music’s year-round education program enriches and broadens the appreciation and understanding of music for local children. Established in 1985, it was created not only to nurture the audience of the future, but also to provide a valuable and creative experience in each of its performance-demonstrations in local elementary schools.

Taking an interactive approach, performers demonstrate the families of instruments and teach key musical concepts such as rhythm and harmony. Giving children a sense of the life of working musicians, they show that music-making is a craft and an art, as well as something of beauty. These inspirational school visits teach that practicing and performing music helps to develop important life skills, such as concentration, team work, interpretive and critical thinking, and problem solving.

Programs include the presentation of the instruments and how they are constructed; a demonstration of various types of sounds the instruments can make; and brief performances that illustrate various styles and characters of music. They also present various musical concepts (form, pitch, rhythm, notation, imitation, tempo, etc). The interactive format features a Question & Answer session, stimulating curiosity and encouraging students to develop their own answers.

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