Monadnock Quartet

Gabriela Diaz, violin; Charles Dimmick, violin
Wenting Kang, viola; Rafael Popper-Keizer, cello

Saturday, August 11, 7:30pm – Dublin Emmanuel Church

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  - Adagio & Fugue
Virgil Thomson - String Quartet #2
Virgil Thomson - Stabat Mater
Maurice Ravel - String Quartet


Dublin Emmanuel Church
18 Lehmann Way
Dublin, NH 03444

Home of Yankee Magazine and The Farmers’ Almanac. You’ll find them both being published in the big red buildings at the top of the hill. Founded in 1752 the town was first engaged in farming, in spite of the hilly terrain. However by 1799 the first woolen mill was built in Dublin. The division between farming and factories ended up dividing the town. After the Civil War, farming declined and Dublin became a summer resort! When you see the large and beautiful Dublin Lake, you will understand why. As you drive through the hills of Dublin, you will see large estate homes, which in their hey-day, had stables and housing for the horses and the staffs that the wealthy vacationers brought with them from New York and elsewhere. . Many of these houses still have large ballrooms where lavish parties were held.

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